Footnotes / Images-Görseller

‘Footnotes’ is a parallel exhibition to ‘Apparatus Criticus & Locus’  that reveals the research process through artworks, drawings, sketches, references and footnotes. These exhibitions not only create two independent conceptual entities, but also form a monolith exhibition space, which proposes a cohesion of exhibition-making, curating and working with artists. Footnote took place in an independent art space LOTTE Land of Temporary Eternity in Stuttgart (24.05-24.06 2013)

Artist: Ünsal İçöz, Frederike Vidal & Judith Groth, Filippa Pettersson, Input/Output (Gizem Akkoyunlu, Ezgi Yakın, Orhan Yıldız, Yunus Emre Erdogan, Ahmet Hamdi Soydemir) Curated by Didem Yazıcı




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