With Florian Clewe, Juliane Engel, Sabine Fessler, Leon Filter, Paula Kohlmann, Anna-Maria Paschetto, Domènec Sanz Janssen, Erik Sturm

Curated by Didem Yazıcı

Württembergischer Kunstverein  Stuttgart

Querungen   Schlossplatz 2, 70173 Stuttgart


Autopoiesis is an exhibition model where each artwork is being produced as a response to another piece or a situation during the process of exhibition. Interweaving exhibition and public programs, it presents a series of artistic responses that produces itself through overlaps between various mediums including installation, lecture, dinner, reading, sculpture, research-based works, conversation, journal, text, and photography. Intended to respond to Querungen, a recently opened space of Kunstverein Stuttgart, Autopoiesis is collaborating with makers of the off-space LOTTE, Land Of The Temporary Eternity which is interdisciplinary initiative. Similar to the concept of LOTTE, Autopoiesis is focusing on process and on the relation between various disciplines.

The exhibition takes the liminal space of Querungen as well as the spirit of LOTTE as a starting point, and presents individual practices from LOTTE in a responsive, free and open format. Throughout the exhibition, participants will be producing and adding new works to present while treating the space as a studio. This process investigates the discursive and inspirational nature of an artwork as well as the artistic authorship through re-performing and responding the others’ artworks. These performative acts are not necessarily supposed to be driven by ekphrasical approach. Relating a medium to another medium not by defining each other, artists follow up from each others’ work and participate a chain of interventions through creating a new work or gesture.

As a spontaneous form of communication, conversation is constructed by responding to what has previously said or done by another person. In this line of thought, Autopoiesis aims to create a conversational exhibition through artworks created in response to one another. It consists of artistic acts where each act organically engages each other and results in public moments including exhibition. Instead of imposing a certain limited concept, this exhibition model aims to draw a self-sustaining character and produce itself through the artistic and responsive drive. While the art world today keeps bombarding and projecting a fast-consuming method of experiencing art, Autopoiesis and LOTTE suggest to slow down the process of perception and suggest to focus on possible connections that arise between different artistic agents and discursive practices.


Public Moments

Tuesday, May 28, 7pm

Lecture by Paula Kohlmann

“The language of love” with following reading “The letter exchange between Ingeborg Bachmann und Paul Celan”

8pm Drinks & Salad  “Bring what you got and join the salad-party!”


Wednesday, June 5, 7pm

Presentation by Leon Filter “Autopoiesis Journal”

Tuesday, June 11, 7pm Conversation with Anna-Maria Paschetto  “Standing Out from the Crowd”


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