Footnotes / Images-Görseller

‘Footnotes’ is a parallel exhibition to ‘Apparatus Criticus & Locus’  that reveals the research process through artworks, drawings, sketches, references and footnotes. These exhibitions not only create two independent conceptual entities, but also form a monolith exhibition space, which proposes a cohesion of exhibition-making, curating and working with artists. Footnote took place in an independent art space […]

Elmas Sertliğinde

Kaan Karacehennem and Franz von Bodelschwingh, Violent Green (2013), video, 28 min. Photo: Servet Dilber Bu metin ilk olarak ‘Istanbul Art News’ (Kasım, 2013) dergisinin eleştiri bölümünde yer almıştır. Elmas Sertliğinde 13. Uluslararası İstanbul Bienali Üzerine “Artık elmas sertliğinde soruları sormanın zamanı gelmiştir. Herkesi içini dökmeye, ortak psikoterapiye davet ediyorum: Anne ben barbar mıyım? Arşivlerde izim bulunmasın […]


‘Locus’ at Künstlerhays Stuttgart between 25.05-24.06 2013) Hermeneutic Circle, Part of the installation ‘Hidden In History’  Frederike Vidal & Judith Groth, 2012  ‘Hidden In History’ by Frederike Vidal & Judith Groth, 2012 Ünsal İçöz, Perpetuum Mobile Experiments, 2010 Khaled Barakeh, Greatest Hits, Ongoing project since 2010 Filippa Pettersson, Thistle Bag, 2010

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