dOCUMENTA (13) With A Small Letter

II. documenta, 1959, installation view with works by Julio González. Bequest of Arnold Bode. Courtesy: documenta Archiv, Kassel First published in ICE magazine, Issue 7, June 2012 Didem Yazıcı Kassel looked different during my first visit two years ago, for the occasion of the graduate exhibition of the city’s fine arts school, and an open-studio […]

Conversation with Scott Rogers

Didem Yazıcı: In collaboration with other artists, you are giving lectures in different public and private spaces. Previously, we talked about these lectures in relation with the history of performance. Can you talk about the idea behind these lectures?  What makes a lecture performance art in your opinion? Scott Rogers: One recent lecture project is […]

Conversation with Paul Philipp Heinze

Didem Yazıcı: Each time you are working on an art work, you choose to realize it with a different medium. As for many contemporary artists, it is almost impossible to speak about a specific medium. Rather than adapting a medium specifity, you adapt a style. We can perhaps start talking about that style. Paul Philipp […]

Conversation with Khaled Barakeh

Greatest Hits, Installation view, 2010 Didem Yazici: Even though your recent works are closely connected to Conceptual art and historical references, you mentioned about the idea of creating a work that is not related to history. How did you get interested in disconnecting from history? Khaled Barakeh: The question started in a discussion with some friends: […]

On running an off-space: Conversation with Anatoli Nat Skatchov

Didem Yazıcı: You are engaged with film making for a long time. How did the idea of providing a space for art appear to you? Anatoli Nat Skatchov: The idea to make film has come to me when I was a child. I lived in Tomsk – the Siberian university city, but I spent my summers in Chernovtsy in the Western […]

Pie in the sky

Flaka Haliti, Basim Magdy curated by Didem Yazıcı Platform Sarai Schweizer str.23 Frankfurt am Main 29 November 2011 – 10 January 2012   As a fanciful notion, an illusory promise, a dream that is unlikely to come true: ‘’Pie in the sky’’ is a phrase that was coined by the immigrant labor activist and song […]

Conversation with Franziska Stenglin

Didem Yazıcı: I’d like to start our conversation with your solo exhibition in Platform Sarai, “And just like that the tension breaks” (2011). It was structured as an assamblage of three main gestures; painterly black and white landscape photographs, frame corners on the floor, and interior scenes with ‘photographs of photographs’. Within this structure, what […]

‘Saudade’ For The Undefinable

First published in the exhibition catalogue of Engin Konuklu. (Istanbul, 2011= ‘Saudade’ For The Undefinable   The idea I think about the most is how to make a meaningful cultural project without a concept. But if you do something without a concept, you could easily just end up with a very good art fair. If […]

Short Interview with Ünsal İçöz

Didem Yazıcı:  While the subject matter and the material in your practice vary, there is one charactheristic that does not really change: the minimal language.The idea of the work can be complex in the beginning, however it seems that the process of transforming it into art purifies that complexity. Can you tell us why you […]

Exhibition Review for ‘We are Nowhere and It’s Now’

Paper Visual Art has published a review on ‘We are Nowhere and It’s Now” WE ARE NOWHERE AND IT’S NOW, GROUP SHOW, OCCUPY SPACE, LIMERICK, 8-28 APRIL, 2011 (PART 1). 10.05.2011 (8:04 pm) by Mary Conlon The press release for We are nowhere and it’s now sets the scene, so to speak, for a group show […]

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